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Growing Families

Not Enough Hours?

Raising a family is a full time job, add a full time job to it and you are likely pressed for time.  By the time the kids are off to school and activities, the groceries are bought and the household chores are done there is not a lot of time left at the end of the week to start looking at personal finances.

That is where an advisor can help.  Let me work with you to get you the most relevant and pertinent information for your family into your hands so that you can make the decisions.  Working with an advisor who will sift through and the nitty gritty and narrow it down to bite sized pieces will free up your time to do the things you love.

Saving for your kids education

Savings for your child or grandchild's education is best started right away.  While the baby in your arms may just be looking for his or her next feeding, you won't believe how fast it goes... a few minutes from now they will be applying for college or university.

There are a few different ways to save for post secondary education, including RESPs, formal and informal trust accounts and TFSAs to name a few.

Changes introduced in 1998 made the Registered Education Savings Plan increasingly popular by adding grants worth up to 20% of your deposits when used toward post secondary education (conditions apply).

Talking to Your Kids About Money

Raising Financially Literate Teens
This program from Mackenzie Investments provides a light and informative way to start the money conversation with teens and provides the information they need to start them on their way to healthy personal financial habits.

DOWNLOAD Mackenzie's booklet now.

Protecting your Family

You can plan for your kids to go to school, you can plan for your retirement, you can plan to be debt free, but how do you plan for life's emergencies?

Our goal is to help you protect all the assets you have been planning and saving for with insurance tools that fill the gaps when a curve ball throws your carefully laid plans into disarray.

LIFE INSURANCE- if you can't be there, life insurance can be the lifeline your family needs to continue.  It replaces your income and pays off debts giving your loved ones time to regroup.

DISABILITY INSURANCE - what happens if you can't go to work for even a couple of weeks let alone for an extended period of time.  All your carefully laid plans for the future could be extinguished quickly.  Disability insurance provides an income stream when you can't go to work.

CRITICAL CARE INSURANCE CI Coverage - there are some medical diagnosis that are life changing.  CI coverage is there to provide funds if you are diagnosed with a serious condition and survive the waiting period.  Funds can be used to seek medical treatment, or provide comfort and pay bills while you recover.

Combination Insurance - Manulife offers a new innovative product that allows for one pool of money to cover you in the event of serious illness, disability or death.


Manulife offers a client friendly website INSURE RIGHT with calculators showing your personalized risk and a brief calculation and some of the insurance solutions available.