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Our Proven Process


We strive to exceed your expectations every day.

While our efforts will be focused on helping you achieve your objectives, our ultimate goal is for you to surpass them. After all, you’re investing time, money and energy into working with us, and we want to make sure you’re getting maximum value out of our relationship. Throughout our time together, we’ll be constantly looking for new ways to get you closer to where you want to be. As a holder of the Certified Financial Planner designation, I follow a logical process that is supported by the Financial Planners Standards Council.

Financial planning involves outlining a client’s choices.  At the end of the day only you can decide which solution best suits you and your family.  My job it to outline the options in terms that you can understand.

Each decision affects several areas of your life.  Deciding to go to Disneyland means less for your RESP or RRSP account; a beneficiary designation can have a significant effect on the taxation of your estate.  Putting all the pieces together so you can see the big picture is the ultimate goal of a financial plan.

Our 6-step Financial Strategy

STEP 1: Establishing and defining the client-advisor relationship

Financial planning is a very personal experience that works best when done with two parties who have a mutual relationship of trust and respect.  Since many of the discussions around your goals are deeply personal it is important to work with someone you can have a genuine rapport. A brief initial meeting gives both parties a chance to get to know one another and see if a long term relationship would be beneficial.

The initial meeting also gives me an opportunity to outline the services I can offer and clarify my role in helping you meet your objectives.  I can outline how I get paid for my services and together, we can determine if the services offered will suit your needs and to what extent.

STEP 2: Gathering client data and determining goals and expectations

This meeting will clarify your current situation and resources and what your short and long term goals and objectives are.  This meeting generally includes formal questionnaires on your current assets, tolerance for various types of risks.

STEP 3: Analyzing and evaluating the client's financial status

We analyze the information to assess your current situation to determine what must be done to achieve your goals. This analysis may include a review of: capital needs, risk management needs and coverage, taxation, retirement planning, employee benefits, estate planning and any special needs that may pertain to you and your family.

STEP 4: Developing and presenting the financial strategy recommendations and/or alternatives

We will offer educated recommendations that address your goals, based on the information you have provided. We review our professional recommendations with you to allow you to make the best informed decisions. We listen to your concerns and considerations, and revise our recommendations as appropriate.

STEP 5: Implementing the financial strategy recommendations

We work with you to agree upon how each recommendation should be carried out and which solutions you are most comfortable with. Together, we may choose to have us carry out the recommendations for you or serve as a "coach", coordinating the process with you and other professionals such as attorneys or stockbrokers.

STEP 6: Monitoring the financial strategy recommendations

Service does not stop after a plan has been implemented. Together we will agree upon who, and how, we will monitor your progress towards your financial goals. We report to you periodically to review the financial situation and adjust any recommendations as needed. As our client, we will always keep you informed and knowledgeable when it comes to your financial strategy and situation.